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Adel Imam has: Played Dusouki in "Ana wa hua wa hia" in 1964. Played Amin in "Karamet zawgaty" in 1967. Performed in "El ragol da hai ganini" in 1967. Performed in "El khouroug min el guana" in 1967. Played Shafie in "Afrit merati" in 1968. Played Abdou in "Ana al-doctor" in 1968. Played Friend in "Afrah" in 1968. Played Latif in "Helwa wa shakia" in 1968. Played Mansour in "Kayfa tesrak millionaire" in 1968. Played Saeed in "Bahibek Ya Helwa" in 1970. Performed in "Al-mirayya" in 1970. Played Ibrahim in "Banat Fi El-Gamaa" in 1971. Performed in "Al zairah" in 1972. Played Okasha in "El-Shayateen Wal Kora" in 1973. Played Magdy in "Al-bahth an fadiha" in 1973. Played Fakharani in "Shayatin Elal Abad" in 1974. Played Fahmy in "Al-Mohem El-Hob" in 1974. Played Shaaban in "El-Bahth an El-Mataeb" in 1975. Played Tahseen in "Mamnou Fi Laylat El-Dokhla" in 1975. Played Mahboub in "Alo, ana al-ghetta" in 1975. Played Essam in "Malek El-Taks" in 1976. Played Adel in "Gens Naem" in 1977. Played Mamoun in "Harami el hob" in 1977. Played Mamdouh in "Al-Azwag Al-Shayateen" in 1977. Played Atwa in "El-Mahfaza Maaya" in 1978. Played Masoud in "Al-Baadh Yathhab Lil Maathoun Maratain" in 1978. Played Adel in "Shabab Yarqos Fawq Al-Nar" in 1978. Played Ragab in "Ragab Fawq Safeeh Sakhin" in 1979. Played Ahmed in "Khally Balak Men Geranak" in 1979. Played Adel Gharib in "Katel ma katelsh had" in 1979. Played Jaber in "We Are the Bus People" in 1979. Played Gomaa El-Shawan in "Dumou Fi Oyoun Waqiha" in 1980. Played Shaaban in "Shaaban Taht El-Sifr" in 1980. Played Ramzy in "El-Gaheem" in 1980. Played Dr. Sulieman Abdel Basset in "Intakhebo El-Doctoor Sulieman Abdel Basset" in 1981. Played Hani in "Al-Ensan Yaeesh Mara Wahida" in 1981. Played Maher Sayed Ali in "Al-Mashbouh" in 1981. Played Hassona in "Omahat fi al manfa" in 1981. Played Hamada in "Esabat Hamada Wa Toto" in 1982. Played Kamal in "Ala bab el wazir" in 1982. Played Adel in "Al-ghoul" in 1983. Played Hassanein in "Al-motasaul" in 1983. Played Fares in "El harrif" in 1983. Played Morsy in "Wala Men Shaf Wala Min Derey" in 1983. Played Mansour in "Khamsa Bab" in 1983. Played Salah in "Hob Fi El-Zinzana" in 1983. Played Antar in "Antar Shayel Saifoh" in 1983. Played Fahmi Abdel Hadi in "Hata la yatir al dokhan" in 1984. Played Salah Fouad in "Waheda Bewaheda" in 1984. Played Hassanain in "Ana elli katalt Elhanash" in 1984. Played Hassan Sabanikh in "Al-avokato" in 1984. Played Arafa in "Al-halfout" in 1985. Played Ramadan in "Ramadan fawq al-borkan" in 1985. Played Wael in "Khally balak men aqlak" in 1985. Played Mamdouh in "Zoj taht al-talab" in 1985. Played Galal in "Al-ins wal jinn" in 1985. Played Marzouk in "Salam Ya Sahby" in 1986. Played Sherif Al Masry in "Karakon fe al-sharea" in 1986. Played Waheed in "Al-nemr wa al-ontha" in 1987. Played Hanafy Al Obbaha in "Hanafy al-obaha" in 1990. Played Galal El-Ghawas in "Jazeerat al-shaytan" in 1990. Played Sham Elzanaty in "Shams elzanaty" in 1991. Played Sayed in "Mosajal khatar" in 1991. Played Ahmed in "Al-irhab wal kabab" in 1993. Played Youssef Elmansy in "El Mansy" in 1993. Played Ali Abd-El-Zaher in "Al-irhabi" in 1994. Played Fathy Nawfal in "Toyour elzalam" in 1995. Played Bakhit in "Bakhit wa Adeela" in 1995. Played Magdy in "El Noom fi el Asal" in 1996. Played Bakhit in "Bakhit wa Adeela 2" in 1997. Played Harfoush in "Resala ela alwaly" in 1998. Played Mahrous in "Elwad mahrous betaa alwazir" in 1999. Played Bakhit in "Hello America" in 2000. Played Saeed El Masry in "Amir El Zalam" in 2002. Played Qadry in "El tagrubah el danemarkiyyah" in 2003. Played Khattab in "Aris min geha amneya" in 2004. Played Sherif Khairy in "El-sefara fi El-Omara" in 2005. Played Zaki El Dessouki in "Omaret yakobean" in 2006. Played Morgan Ahmed Morgan in "Morgan Ahmed Morgan" in 2007. Played Mohsin Hindawi in "Bobbos" in 2009. Played Bahgat in "Saheb El Saada" in 2014.

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Q: What movie and television projects has Adel Imam been in?
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Which series stars Adel Imam?

From what I can tell in various filmography sources, it does not appear that Adel Imam has ever appeared in a Star Trek series either in TV or film to date.

What is the birth name of Adel Imam?

Adel Imam's birth name is Adel Mohammed Imam Najarini.

When was Adel Imam born?

Adel Imam was born on May 17, 1940, in Cairo, Egypt.

What movie and television projects has Fatih Alev been in?

Fatih Alev has: Played Himself - Imam in "Profilen" in 1994. Played Himself - Imam in "Debatten" in 1999. Played Himself - Imam in "Davidsen" in 2004. Played Himself - Imam in "Tal med Gud" in 2004. Played Himself - Imam in "Omar skal giftes" in 2004.

How tall is adel imam?

5 ft 7 in ...1.70cm

What is the Egyptian singer Adel Imam's net worth?

$100 million

What was the last series of Egyptian comedian Adel Imam?

naji attallah's squad

What nicknames does Adalat Omar go by?

Hassan Al Imam went by The King of Melodrama..

What movie and television projects has Karim Imam been in?

Karim Imam has: Played Kung Fu Kenny in "Desert Cemetery" in 2002. Played Pool Player in "Up Against the 8 Ball" in 2004. Played Mann in "The Neighborhood" in 2004. Played Habir in "Bathsheba" in 2005. Played Simon the Zealot in "Color of the Cross" in 2006. Played Bouncer in "Dexter" in 2006. Played Randy in "The Deposition" in 2007.

What movie and television projects has Bahri Ates been in?

Bahri Ates has: Performed in "Dikiz aynasi" in 1973. Performed in "Ezo Gelin" in 1973. Performed in "Canim kardesim" in 1973. Performed in "Talihsiz yavrum" in 1974. Played Mahkum in "Anadolu ekspresi" in 1974. Performed in "Korkusuz cengaver" in 1976. Performed in "Iki kizgin adam" in 1976. Played Imam in "Kaybolan yillar" in 1978. Played Mahkum in "Rezil" in 1979. Performed in "Hazal" in 1980. Played Imam in "Davaro" in 1981. Played Imam in "Yabanci" in 1984.

What movie and television projects has Abdul Wahid Pedersen been in?

Abdul Wahid Pedersen has: Played Himself - Imam in "Profilen" in 1994. Played Himself - Imam in "Tro" in 1997. Played Himself - Imam in "Tal med Gud" in 2004. Played himself in "Gintbergs store aften - hver aften" in 2005. Played himself in "Clement direkte med Clement Kjersgaard" in 2005. Played Himself - Host in "4-stjerners middag" in 2010. Played himself in "4-stjerners middag" in 2010.

What movie and television projects has Ivan Tasovac been in?

Ivan Tasovac has: Played Dr. Meric-Noklica in "Pozoriste u kuci" in 2007. Played Nemacki vojnik in "Drug Crni u Narodnooslobodilackoj borbi" in 2009. Played Himself - Judge in "Ja imam talenat" in 2011. Played Herself - Judge in "Ja imam talenat" in 2011. Played Himself - Judge in "I ja imam talenat" in 2011. Performed in "Drug Crni u NOB-u" in 2012. Performed in "Nadrealna televizija" in 2012.