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Chapter 214 during his fight with Riou.

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Q: What manga chapter does kiyo die?
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Who is the main character of Bloody kiss?

If your talking about the manga the main characters are; Kiyo Katsurgari, Kiyo's Bride, Kuroboshi, and Alshu(Kurobishi's server). Those are the main but, there also Minako(Kiyo's grandmother), and Sou(Kiyo's childhood friend.)

What manga chapter does light yagami die in?

Light Yagami dies in Chapter 107 of the Death Note manga.

What manga chapter does Hinata almost die?

chapter 437. (0__o)

When did Matsudaira Kiyo die?

Matsudaira Kiyo died in 1920.

What chapter in the manga did rin die a second time?

chapter 469 and through

Does kiyo die in zatch bell manga?

I don't want to spoil this for you, but yes, Kiyomaro (Kiyo) does die in the manga, but only temporarily after a fight with Riou. Gash (Zatch) doesn't want to accept his death, so he starts pounding on Kiyomaro's chest to wake him up, and that gets Kiyomaro's heart beating again. From there, Momon gives him CPR and they manage to resuscitate, him, but he is left in a verybrief coma while he recovers.

In what manga book does Kakashi Hatake die in?

Volume 46, chapter 425

Does Naruto ever die in Naruto Shippuden?

They are still publishing the manga, and as far as I know, Naruto is alive in the latest chapter of the manga.

What chapter of Naruto does jiriha die in?

manga chapter 369 this chaper the fight between pain and jiraiya begins........

Does Arystar Krory die in D. Gray-Man?

Arystar Krory will not die but he will be comatose I think he will manga chapter 159

What manga chapter does Shippuden start?

Naruto shippuuden starts at chapter 245 in the Naruto Manga

When will the manga Hunter X Hunter be back with chapter 291?

Chapter 291 is out on one manga and manga fox manga volume and hut should follow suit