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well, I can't really tell for certain.. but im sure that she would just have a dash of foundation as she was a Disney girl and she was there to look cute. And less is more in that situation i guess. But im 13 and I wear foundation, eye-liner, mascara and some soft lip-gloss. It's simple and quick so you don't have to sorry about being late in the mornings. But don't go splashing the cash of fancy makeup!! This might sound so wierd but tesco's own make of foundation is reallly good! But i wouldn't recomend the eye-liner from there, although it does the job its just not for me.. doesnt last very long. Just get a eye-liner for about 1-2 pounds.. really cheap (: and also Primark do good make-up for only one pound so that's also really good :D

yeah hope this helped x

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Q: What makeup did Miley Cyrus wear at 12?
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