What made ravi cry on Jessie?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The thing that made Ravi cry is Christina and Morgan wanted to adopt someone else so they adopted Rravi but the adoption agency made a mistake since his birth year was listed as 2011 instead of 2001 so they thought he was going to be a baby however in the end they didn't care about his age.

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Q: What made ravi cry on Jessie?
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Does Ravi in Jessie Have a girlfriend?

no, of course not!

Who plays Ravi in Jessie?

His name is Karan Brar, I think that is how you spell it!

What is ravi from Jessie kik username?


Who is Robbie from Jessie?

Ravi: Karan Brar

What religion is the character Ravi from the Disney channel show Jessie?

Ravi's comes from India

What is ravi's real name off of Jessie?

Ravi's real name is Karan Brar.

Who are the people in the TV show Jessie?

Ravi,Luke Jessie Zuri Emma birtrum

How tall is Ravi from Jessie?


What is ravi real name from Jessie?

Karan Brar

Who cut off ms chesterfield's hair in Jessie?

Ravi did

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What is ravi's name from Jessie?

His real name is Karan Brar but his full name on Jessie is Rai Ross