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First of all, let me say that I love your grammar. It really represents a main problem in America: the problem of people having grammar that is too correct. The bourgeois of our country has oppressed the proletariat to a point where we are forced to endure numerous hardships. So, brava (I am assuming that you are a girl), brave citizen in arms! Stick it to the man by having incorrect grammar! In response to your question, "What made Justin Bieber to sing?", I can only say that I have no idea. However, I have heard that he once went to a Celine Dion concert and was so inspired by the famous Francophone that he began his beautiful crooning. Thank you, Justin Bieber for to singing. And thank you, questioner, for having the worst grammar, and then posting it to the internet for everyone to see.

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Q: What made Justin Bieber to sing?
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Why does Justin bieber lip sing?

Justin bieber does not lip sing.

Will Justin Bieber sing in the us?

Of course Justin Bieber will sing in the US.

What song is on sing it from Justin Bieber?

Yes,Justin Bieber did sing to Selean Gomez

Is Justin Bieber going to sing in niles Michigan?

will Justin bieber sing in Michigan

Why can Justin bieber can not sing?

he can sing.

Does Justin Bieber lipsing?

No. Justin Bieber does not lip-sing.

What song does Justin Bieber sing with rascal flatts?

Its Justin Bieber, not Beiber, and They sing That Should Be Me

Does Justin bieber sing about himself?

yes because he made a rap about him

Who was out first to sing Justin bieber or Cody Simpson?

Definitely Justin Bieber.

How can sing better out of Justin bieber or luan Santana?

Justin Bieber obliviously;)

Will Justin Bieber be able to sing?

yes, he can sing

Can Justin Bieber still sing?

Justin Bieber can sing anytime. He is a good artist. he has won 1 Grammy already.