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All about charlie in young warriors vs reid

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All about Charlie young warriors vs Reid

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Q: What made Charlie change in the book 'young warriors' by V S Reid?
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What are the names of the five young warriors in the young warriors by vs reid?

johnny, tommy, charlie, uriah and davis

why did Charlie followed Tommy and Johnny and what he didto help them in chapter 9?

The question is from a book called the Young Warriors by VS Reid

Why did vs reid wrote the young warriors?

because he is a author and author's have ideas and this was an idea of vs reid

The history of young warriors written by victor Stafford reid is?

Uhh......I don't know what you mean by that but if you are asking for the title of the book its called "The Young Warriors" lol sorry.

What are the weapons in the book 'young warriors' by V S Reid?

In the book "Young Warriors" by V. S. Reid, the weapons used by the characters include rifles, pistols, grenades, and knives. The story is set during World War II and follows a group of young soldiers fighting in the Italian campaign.

What are some personifications used in the young warriors by vs reid?

In "The Young Warriors" by V.S. Reid, some personifications include the wind moaning like a lost soul, the forest whispering secrets, and the river dancing over rocks. These personifications help create a vivid and imaginative world in the novel.

2 themes in chapter 9 from the young warriors vs reid?

redemption and consideration

How old are Charlie and Craig Reid?

Charlie and Craig Reid was born on March 5, 1962.

Are The Proclaimers brothers?

Yes, The Proclaimers is a Scottish band composed of twin brothers Charlie Reid and Craig Reid.

A summary of the story young warriors by v s reid?

It is about 5 maroon boys who become young warriors at age 14 which in the most important contest one of them cheats namely charlie. Tommy and Johnny found out and then on an important mission to stop the redcoat soldiers they tell him. He when makes it up by saving Tommy and Johnny and the young warriors led the maroons of mountain top village to victory.

Is ian keaggy from Good Luck Charlie?

No, it was not Ian Keaggy. The actor that played on Good Luck Charlie is named Reid Ewing.

What are the books written by V.S. REID?

Some of the books written by V.S. Reid include "The Chip-Chip Gatherers," "New Day," and "Six Caribou." Reid was a Jamaican author known for his novels that explore themes of Caribbean identity and cultural heritage.