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Q: What logo has a blue mother and child?
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What logo has parent and child in blue?


What company has a logo with a running yellow man?

what company logo has a blue woman holding a child

What logo has the leaves child and parents with blue world?


What color eyes will child have father has blue mother has blue?


Does having a green eyed mother and blue eyed father make a child with blue eyes?

A green eyed mother and a blue eyed father can have a child with blue eyes.

If the mother has blue eyes and the father blue what eye color will the child have?

it is probably blue...

If a mother has hazel eyes and a father blue eyes can their child have blue eyes?

If the child is a girl then she'll have blue eyes, because most of the genetics similarities is with the father compared with the mother.

Does having a green brownish eyed mother and blue eyed father make a blue eyed child?

If a child has a mother with green brownish eyes, also known as hazel, and a blue eyed father, the child could have hazel or blue eyes depending on what the dominant genes are.

What logo is a blue eye?

Blue Eye Technologies have a logo that is a blue eye.

What color eyes will the child have father has grey eyes mother has blue eyes?

well it depends on if the mother has one trait for blue eyes or not. if the mother does then there is a 1/4 chance that the child will have blue eyes and a 3/4 chance that the child will have brown eyes but if the mother does not have a blue eyed gene and she carries 2 genes for brown eyes then your child is going to have brown eyes. but no matter wat color your child's eyes are he/she will carry one gene for blue eyes and will have a possibility to pass down blue eyes to his/her child

Can a brown-eyed father and a blue-eyed mother have a blue-eyed child?

yes, but rarely.

Can a blue eyed mother and a hazel eyed father have bright blue eyed child?

Yes it is possibe