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if u want higher TM level, higher then ur base level u should do monster quest and card quests!

Also grind in fiesta!

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Q: What level should your TM level trickster?
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How do you increase your TM level easily in Trickster online?

Every So Often Fiesta Arrives, which you can enter using A Ticket Dug up in the ground. you can do as many Monster quests which gain you TM Exp there. ^-^

How do you get a prima Donna in trickster Online?

To be primadonna, level up a cat to lvl 130 and 120 tm... This third job is for AP based characters.

Fastest way to TM lvl in trickster online?

Do the Card Girls' quests. Episode quests and hunter quests are good TM exp too.

Where to get the TM mean look in Pokemon white?

its not a TM. if you have a watchog at around level 29 it should learn the move.

What are the lvl 20 trickster blues on fiesta?

"Woe" shirt and "Woe" pants. They are both level 20 trickster blues.

What level does tangela learns ancientpower?

level 35 or you can buy the TM for goldenrod city or find the TM in mt. silver

How do you get the TM dive in the Pokemon FireRed?

There's no TM dive in pokemon fire red but there is in emerald, saphirre and ruby. But the way is to level up pokemon (seel level 41,dewgong level 45) to get TM dive (in firered).

What level does Glaceon in Pokemon platinum?

it does not learn it by level you have to teach it by Tm.

How do you get the TM flamethrower in pearl?

to get TM flametrower you need to get a charmander and level it up or you could get a legendary bird called moltres and level it up.

Can Pokemon learn TM by itself when level is above 70?

Yes, as long as the Pokemon is compatible with the TM. Pokemon can be taught TMs at any level.

Why should jack sparrow be considered a trickster figure?

In my opinion, Yes.

Where to get TM icy wind in Pokemon platinum?

There is no TM icy wind. Your Pokemon have to level up to learn it

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