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he clenches his teeth and makes a fist with both of his hands.

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Q: What lesson does Bella from twilight sit next to edward from twilight?
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Is jasper hale Emmett Cullen and Rosalie hale all going too college and Alice and Edward Cullen plus Bella Swan all going too 12th grade in the next book or movie twilight new moon?

Alice Cullen,Isabella swan,and Edward Cullen stay for 12th grade while Emmett Cullen, Jasper hale and Rosalie Hale graduate! In the book new Moon!! -Cheerlol13

What is the sixth twilight book called?

a girl, Bella, has to move to live with her dad but is finding it hard to fit in at her new school she has to sit next to a boy, edward, in biology who is totally fit but everyone thinks he and his whole family are a bit weird. later on Bella realises that edward is a vampire but she still loves him. when she is meeting Edward they run into a different tribe of bd vampires who try to eat Bella so edward has to protect her and ends up nearly killin her by drinking all her blood. In the next film they start a life together but there is no set date on when it comes out!

How does Edward react when Bella sits by him in Biology?

Well that just depends on what day that was and they already new each other but I only have two answers First:Edward wanted too kill her the first time he saw Bella Second:they were doing a project in Biology class about cells and he was triying to be as nice as he could so she didn't think he was a mean too her.

Does bell a marries Jacob?

No, Bella marries Edward and they have a baby which they weren't supposed to be able to so the Volturi in the next movie are going to try to take the baby.

Is charlie okay when he finds out they are married?

Well, Bella is talking toCharlie about getting married and she says something like "OK Dad this might think this is shocking but . . ." Then Charlie thinks she's pregnant. And thinks about shooting Edward. (Edward is standing right next to Bella) But doesn't, then Bella tells him there getting married and he still freaks but calms down. (i've read the books) (This may not be in the movie)

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What lesson does Bella sit next to Edward in twilight?

Bella sits next to Edward in Biology class. ---- Biology lesson taught by Mr Banner.

What is the next book after Breaking Dawn?

It's Midnight Sun, it's Twilight from Edward's point of view instead of Bella's.

In twilight Who said i love you first?

Bella originally said it first in a dream, then the next morning Edward told her that she said it & so Bella said it outloud herself. Edward only responded with 'you are my life now.' Edward didn't say it till the 'James' incident.

Resolution to the conflict of twilight?

The conflict is James following and trying to kill Bella. It is resolved in the end by James being destroyed and Bella and Edward having a happy ending...until the next book.

What happens in the next twilight movie?

To sum it up - Edward leaves with the reast of his family, Bella goes into depression, Vella befriends Jacob, Jacob becomes a werewolf, Bella jumps off a cliff, Alice comes back to Forks, and finds out edward is going to committ sucide, Alice and Bella go to Italy to save Edward, Edward is saved, Bella now has to become a vampire before the Volturi come looking for her.

What is the next twilight about?

the next twilight is about bella and edward getting married. in the movie new moon he purposed so in breaking dawn hes getting married with her and they have a baby. they put makeup on the girl to make it look like edward and bella. In breaking dawn part 2 (i cant belive theres a part two and no more! i think cause the author has writters block) bella gets sick cause since edwards a vampire the baby will be half human and half vampire so when the babys inside the baby will hurt bella cause its a vampire so i heard that bella is about to die so thats when edward has to turn bella into a vampire to save her from dying.

What all happened when edward saved Bella from the carcrash in the movie twilight?

Bella was standing by her truck watching Edward stare at her when all of the sudden someone loses control of the van by slipping on ice. The van comes rushing toward her ready to smush her into the side of here truck when Edward appears next to Bella. Bracing himself between the van and Bella, Edward stops the van with his bare hand leaving a huge dent in the side of the van.

In this trailer what is the color of Bella's shirt when she is laying in bed with Edward sitting next to her?

he was wearing a grey short sleeve shirt when he first talked to her! I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!

What is the next book after twilight Breaking Dawn?

Well there is no other book after twilight that follows from Bella's perspective... But there is and Eclipse novella called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. And there is also and unfinished draft of Twilight from Edward's point of view called Midnight Sun.

When does the next twilight barbie come out?

Bella, Edward, jacob, alice, victoria and Jane are already made by barbie on the pink label. they go for about $25.00. Right now Big Lots has Jacob,edward and Bella for $10.00. LOL!Breaking Dawn Part 1 dolls have yet to be announced.

What is the theme of eclipse The Twilight Saga?

The theme of the the movie/book in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse is mostly that Bella is trying to choose between Jacob and Edward. Also, the Volturi find out that Bella has not been transformed into a vampire yet. They have to deal with that and along the way, they find out a lot about Jasper's past (this continues in the next book).

Why does Edward Cullen have to leave Bella in 'New Moon'?

Edward has to leave because when he and Alice throw Bella a graduation party, she gets a paper cut while unrapping gifts. Jasper tries to attack Bella when he smells her blood. To keep Bella safe he and his family leave Forks. After that a hole lot of interesting stuff happens. If you ask what happens next I'll gladly answer. I am a Twilight adict.