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It's latin

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Q: What language is divisi ma sempre uniti?
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Divisi ma sempre uniti?

"Divided but always united"

What does divisi ma sempre uniti mean in English?

divided but always united

Solo ma pur sempre con te?

My heart is always yours

What does Oggi ma non sempre mean?

it means "today but not always" in Italian

What is 'Ho sempre amato voi ma avete rotto il mio cuore' when translated from Italian to English?

Ho sempre amato voi ma avete rotto il mio cuore in Italian means "I've always loved you but you've broken my heart" in English.

How are you in Chinese Language?

Ni how ma?

How do you say ''my mommy '' in french language?

Ma maman

What is sempre legato' when translated from Italian to English?

"Always bound" is a literal English equivalent of the Italian phrase sempre legato about the smooth, uninterrupted playing of music.Specifically, the adverb sempre means "always." The masculine past participle legato means "attached, bound, bundled up, connected, tied, united." The pronunciation is "SEHM-preh leh-GAH-toh."

What has the author Ma ire Owens written?

Ma ire Owens has written: 'Eithne' -- subject(s): Case studies, Second language acquisition, Irish language, Acquisition

How do you say i love you in nepali language?

I love you = ma timilai man parchu or ma timilai maya garchu

How do you spell my name in french language?

Ja ma pelle

What actors and actresses appeared in Ma non per sempre - 1991?

The cast of Ma non per sempre - 1991 includes: Nicoletta Boris as Rosina Francesco Carnelutti as Vigiu Roberto Cavosi as Toni Massimo Dapporto as Emilio Errani Mariella Di Lauro as Maria Florens Fanciulli as Piera Anna Melato as Neta Leonardo Santini as Germano Elena Sofia Ricci as Selva Caterina Tucci as Rita Lauro Versari as Gino Vanni Zinola as Armando