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First Catherine asks him in French: 'Vous aimez les Etats-Unis?' (Do you like the United States?) to which he doesn't reply, so she asks in German: 'Sehen Sie gerne Edward G. Robertson?' (Do you like gangster movies...with Edward G. Robertson)? He snickers, so she continues. 'Seine Familie stammt aus Rumänien' (His family is from Romania). He answers: 'Ich will einen Rechtsanwalt' (I want a lawyer) to which Catherine replies 'Aber Sie sind doch kein Staatsbürger...Da gibt's keinen Prozess...Sie werden ganz einfach deportiert...Rumäner ohne Ausweise machen uns nervös... nervös...Die könnten Securitat sein...Deine Regierung nimmt Geheimpolizei... Was die mit dir machen... hm?' (But you are no U.S. citizen...There won't be a trial...You will simply be deported...Romanians without ID cards make us nervous... nervous...They could be Securitat (from the Romanian Secret Service)...Your government takes Secret Police... What they'll do with you... hm?)

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Q: What language does Rene Russo's character Catherine Banning speak in to prisoner in The Thomas Crown affair and what does she say?
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