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English III Sem 1Work that people put their hearts into

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Q: What kind of work does Emerson admire most?
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Which type of work would Emerson be most likely to admire?

the work people veiw as important

Which type of work does Emerson say he admires the most?

Work that matters to the people who do it

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For the best of Emerson, read his work directly and choose what quotes are more relevant to you. Most quotation collecting websites will have at least a few Emerson quotes, though there don't appear to be any books that contain exclusively Emerson quotes.

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Did Walt Whitman was inspired by the work of another Transcendentalist writer Ralph Waldo Emerson?

Yes, Walt Whitman was inspired by the work of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Whitman admired Emerson's idea of individualism and free thought, which influenced his own poetry and writing style. Whitman even sent a copy of his collection "Leaves of Grass" to Emerson, who praised the work and encouraged its publication.

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