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he likes either strawberries or blue berries one of those i forgot havent watched that show in a long time =^.^=

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Q: What kind of of berries did Zoboomafoo like?
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What kind of lemur is Zoboomafoo?

Zoboomafoo (or sometimes Zoboo) is a Madagascar Lemur. Specifically, it is a Coquerel's Sifaka.

What is the zoboomafoo that lives in Madagascar?

Zoboomafoo is a sifaka lemur. Funding for Zoboomafoo is provided by Danimals and by Viewers Like You. Thank you.

What is the duration of Zoboomafoo?

The duration of Zoboomafoo is 1740.0 seconds.

When did Zoboomafoo end?

Zoboomafoo ended on 2001-04-22.

When was Zoboomafoo created?

Zoboomafoo was created on 1999-01-25.

What actors and actresses appeared in Zoboomafoo - 1999?

The cast of Zoboomafoo - 1999 includes: Jovian as Zoboomafoo Genevieve Farrell as Amy Chris Kratt as himself Martin Kratt as himself Gord Robertson as Zoboomafoo Samantha Tolkacz as Jackie

What kind of berries do chipmunks eat?

Chipmunks eat a variety of berries depending on what is nearest their location. Some of these berries include blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries, and the like.

What are the release dates for Zoboomafoo - 1999?

Zoboomafoo - 1999 was released on: USA: 25 January 1999

What are the ratings and certificates for Zoboomafoo - 1999?

Zoboomafoo - 1999 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-Y

Where can you watch Zoboomafoo?

If you get Comcast, you can watch Zoboomafoo on channel 294 every weekday afternoon at 4:00.

What kind of monkey is zoboomafoo?

He is a ring-tailed lemur. Lemurs are related to monkeys.

Who are the program creators of Zoboomafoo?

Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt are the program creators of Zoboomafoo. Zoboomafoo is an American children's television series that aired from January 25, 1999 to April 28, 2001.