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Horror movies

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Q: What kind of movies do emos watch?
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What are good movies to watch?

what kind of movies to you meen? horror comedy romantic action

What kind of movies did people watch in war world 1?

Mostly Egg Movies

What kind of movies does Cheryl Cole like to watch?


What kind of horror movies does Bill Kaulitz watch?

He likes Tim Burton and Vampire movies if that helps any? :)

What kind of movies does christian beadles like?

the ones that he can watch with jade beadles

What kind of music do emos like?

Emos like punk, punk rock, rock, hard rock, metal, heavy metal and screamo.

What is the new website for watch movies net?


What kind of computer should you buy and what details should we look into if we want to watch movies on it.?

Hey I think that you should buy a flatscreen DELL computer .We watch movies every weekend but you could watch them everyday if you wanted. Its SO cool!

Can you watch movies on a Kindle?

no you cant watch movies on a kindle

What do emos like?

They like stuff like music, anything from Paramore, Escape the Fate, 30 Seconds to Mars, All Time Low. They love eyeliner, and stuff like hello kitty, or reptar (from rugrats). They love pizza and movies and a comfy place to watch TV.

How many ways can you watch five movies in seven days?

A lot of ways haha. what kind of question is that?

Watch 30 days of night free?

Visit for all kind of movies...