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eminem has a buzz cut and he dyes it blonde

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Q: What kind of haircut do Eminem have?
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What kind of haircut does ronnie have?

Ronnie from jersey shore has a taper haircut

What does eminem's haircut look like?

bleach blond most likely a 1inch long shorter on the top

What religion is Eminem?

Eminem is not religious of any kind.

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What kind of music is Eminem know for?

Eminem is known for hip-hop.

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What kind of haircut does TI have?

Bald Fade

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Personal care

What kind of noun is haircut?

The noun haircut is a common, singular noun, and a compound word.

What kind of work does he do Eminem?

Eminem is a rapper, record producer, actor, and songwriter.

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flat top

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Bald fade