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Green Grape, Apple, Purple Grape, and Leaf

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The human characters in the Fruit of the Loom commercials are the Apple, the Purple Grape, the Green Grape, and the Leaf.

The classic "Fruit of the Loom" cornucopia (horn of plenty) includes an apple, purple grapes, green grapes, currants and leaves.

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Q: What kind of fruits are in the Fruit of the Loom commercials?
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What does the leafy golden guy represent in the Fruit of the Loom commercials?

Specifically, he's a Fig Leaf. The actor's name is F. Murray Abrams. I too wrote to Fruit of the Loom who claimed they legally could not reveal the actors' names for privacy reasons. The apple was Harry Goz who died in 2003, Dancing Green Grape was Joey Faye, a comdedian, who died in 1997. Most of my info came from Wikipedia and TV Acres. Ray Xifo played the leaves when F. Murray bowed out. Also, Sam Wright, (Lion King) played the concord grapes. I had the same question, so I e-mailed Fruit of the Loom and asked them. Their reply was, "He is a leafy character." Not helpful, but at least the creators don't know what he is, either - it's not just us. He's probably the producer's nephew or something, and they just stuck him in a costume to get him in the ads. Most likely it is a raisin made from a green grape. This is kind of disappointing, but he's a leaf! Go to Google, type in Fruit of the Loom, and click on images. There is also a "The Fruit Guys Ripe for the Pickin" fan page. Who knew?

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