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He works at the ER (i am a diffrent person) he does work at the ER and he might also wrok at the regular office

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Dr. Cullen is a general surgeon.

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Q: What kind of doctor is Carlisle Cullen from Twilight?
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What kind of Mercedes does Carlisle have in Twilight?

In the Twilight series, Carlisle Cullen drives a silver Mercedes S55 AMG.

What are the mean vampires in twilight called?

The mean vampires in Twilight are called the Volturi. They are an ancient and powerful coven who enforce the laws of the vampire world. Led by Aro, Caius, and Marcus, they are known for their ruthless and unforgiving nature.

What kind of day does the Cullen family stay in?

The Cullen family in the Twilight series is known to stay inside on sunny days because direct sunlight would reveal their vampire nature. They prefer overcast or rainy days to move around freely during the daytime.

What is carlise Cullen's full name?

Carlisle's middle name is never mentioned. The kind of vampire he is is called Stregoni Benefico, which is a good kind of Vampire that fights against "evil" Vampires.

Who is Esme Cullen?

Esme Cullen is a fictional character from the "Twilight" book series by Stephenie Meyer. She is the matriarch of the Cullen vampire family and is known for her caring and nurturing nature. Esme is married to Carlisle Cullen and is a beloved member of the vampire coven.

In Breaking Dawn who does Bella choose for a soul mate?

Edward Cullen, and they kind of choose each other in Twilight.

What kind of necklace does Alice wear in twilight?

it is a choker. if you search Alice Cullen choker on Google you can see a picture

What kind Volvo did Edward Cullen used in the movie twilight?

Edward Cullen drove a silver Volvo S60 R in the Twilight movie franchise.

What kind of animal is Edward Cullen in the movie twilight?

Original answer: A vampireNew answer: Yep. Definitely a vampire. Who aren't animals, by the way, but are supernatural beings in the same family as werewolves. That is, if you ask most Twilight fans.

What kind of contact lens do the Cullen's wear in twilight?

I'm pretty darn sure that they don't wear contacts. It's CG (computer graphics)

What kind of animal Emmett like to eat?

If this is Emmett Cullen from 'Twilight', then it is grizzly bears, because he was mauled by one and nearly died, and wants his 'revenge'.

What kind of Mercedes does Carlisle have?

Carlisle Cullen, a character from the Twilight saga, drives a silver Mercedes S55 AMG in the book series.