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she's a protoceratop. evryone thinks that she is a trisaratop but no just look at her head there is no horns let alone three horns !

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Q: What kind of dinosaur is baby bop?
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What kind of dinosaur was Baby Bop?

she is a protoceratop. dont let people fool you when they say she is a trisaratop becuase she doesnt have any horns and trisaratops should have 3 !

Why is baby bop considered as childish?

Baby Bop is the green dinosaur sidekick to Barney on the children's television show. She often is seen carrying her soother and blanket, and uses 'baby speak' frequently. This is often why she is considered childish.

Is baby bop a midget?

No. She's a three-year-old dinosaur.

When was Bop Bop Baby created?

Bop Bop Baby was created on 2002-05-20.

Who was Barney's little green friend on Barney and Friends?

Barney & Friends is a popular show for young children featuring Barney, the purple dinosaur. Barney's green dinosaur friend is Baby Bop.

Are Barney and Baby Bop related?

Barney and Baby Bop are just good friends. However, B.J. and Baby Bop are siblings. In addition, Riff is the cousin of B.J. and Baby Bop.

Are Barney toys for toddlers?

Yes, Barney toys are perfect for toddlers. Boys and girls alike will love the purple dinosaur and his friend Baby Bop.

Who sings ooh my baby bop bop?

Richie Valens

What is the sexual orientation of Baby Bop?

The fictional character of Baby Bop doesn't include sexual orientation.

What movie and television projects has Lauren Mayeux been in?

Lauren Mayeux has: Played Baby Bop in "Barney: Jungle Friends" in 2009. Played Baby Bop in "Barney: A-Counting We Will Go" in 2010. Played Baby Bop in "Barney: A Very Merry Christmas: The movie" in 2011. Played Baby Bop in "Barney: I Can Do It" in 2011. Played Baby Bop in "Barney: Big World Adventure: The Movie" in 2011. Played Baby Bop in "Barney: I Love My Friends" in 2012.

Who played baby bop?

The character "Baby Bop" is voiced by Julie Johnson (from 1992-2009). The person in the Baby Bop suit was Jeff Ayers. Laurie Mayeaux is also listed as performing Baby Bop in 2009, although it is unclear which role (voice or suit) she is doing.

What is the yellow dinosour on barney?

Baby Bop