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Q: What kind of concerto is a type of concerto for a group of soloists rather than just one?
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A grosso has a group of soloists rather than just one what?

concerto (apex)

A concerto grosso is a concerto for a group of soloists rather than one?

You are correct. This technique was used more commonly in the baroque era, employing the concept of terraced dynamics. The difference is often one instrument per part versus a full section.True (for apex

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I just got mine today

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What piece did Bach play in Lover's Concerto?

It is Bach's music . It was just made into a pop song in the 60s

What is the solo part within a concerto or symphony called?

Usually just the solo, but a showier passage with little or no backing is a 'cadenza'.

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just work on high Bbs and lip trills and you'll do fine :]

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How many movements does the violin concerto have Mendelssohn?

Just four: I: Adagio; Allegro moderato II: Andante, III: Larghetto IV: Allegro vivace.