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Q: What kind of art technique uses a stencil to create images on clothes?
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An artist who used the photographic stencil of photo screen for his or her images of media stars was?

Andy warhol

Can a web browser create images?

Modern day browsers can create images. They can use HTML5 canvas to create images.

What materials can be used to decorate a clipboard?

There is no limit to how a clipboard can be decorated. Materials like stickers can be used. Glue and glitter, markers, ink, a stencil, there are a variety of combinations that can be used to create unique images onto a clipboard to give it a different look.

Difference of silk screen printing and photographic screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing process that uses a stencil embedded in a fabric stretched tightly on a frame. The stencil controls what prints and what doesn't print. Stencils can be made in many ways. The use of photosensitive emulsions and opaque film materials to create printable images on the screen mesh would be "photo silkscreen." Another way to make a stencil is simply to cut a design in a sheet of paper and attach it to the back of a screen with tape. The openings in the paper alow ink to pass through. This would be called a "paper stencil."

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Ultrasound imaging uses the echoes of sound waves to create images of deep structures in the body. Sound waves are sent into the body, bounce off tissues, and are then detected to create real-time images of organs, muscles, and other structures.

What is interferonce microscope?

a microscope that utilizes light interference phenomena to create twosuperimposed images of an object, making possible the observation oftransparent objects without using the staining technique.

Do they make machines that only dispense stencils?

Stencil printing was the technology to make unlimited reproductions of images or text dating back to 1450 until the 1970's when copy machines became popular. Although the use of copy machines is superior compared to stencil printing, some companies still use these old machines for a small number of copies due to the cheaper cost. Industrial stencil machines aren't produced anymore, yet stencil machines for personal use are still produced.

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