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"Doraemon" is a robotic cat .

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Q: What kind of animal is doraemon?
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What kind of is doraemon?

"Doraemon" is a robotic cat .

Does doraemon a robot cat in Doraemon?

yes,doraemon is a robot cat in doraemon

Is doraemon really there?

yes doraemon is really there

What kind of friends did Ida B Wells-Barnett she used to hang out with?

doraemon land

Who is Nobitas best friend in the cartoon 'Doraemon'?

Nobita's best friend in the cartoon 'Doraemon' is Doraemon.

Is that such thing as doraemon?

No there is no such thing as Doraemon. It is just a fictional character.

When did Doraemon Wii happen?

Doraemon Wii happened in 2007.

What episode in doraemon in which nobita met doraemon?

In Episode 1

Is doraemon from the 22nd century or 24th century?

doraemon is from 22nd century

Is Doraemon is from Japan or India?

Doraemon is absolutely from Japan. It is a Japanese manga series.

Did japan made the real doraemon?

Of course. A manga artist made Doraemon.

When was Doraemon Wii created?

Doraemon Wii was created on 2007-12-06.