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Rikishi doesnt work for the WWE.

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Q: What job does WWE rikishi has?
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Is WWE umaga WWE rikishi's son?

Umaga was not Rikishi's son but his brother.

Why did rikishi quit the WWE?

Rikishi left the WWE because he was no longer as physically fit as he should have been to wrestle. Rikishi left the WWE in 20047 and returned in 2012.

Whatever happened to rikishi?

He got released from his contract by the WWE. The WWE wanted him to lose weight but Rikishi did not and so he left the WWE

Are WWE superstars rikishi and yokozuna brothers?

no rikishi and yokozuna are cousins

Will Rikishi ever return to the WWE?

its very unlikely that rikishi will be back in wwe but he is still wrestling in a company called NWEno

Why did rikishi leaves WWE?

Professional wrestler Rikishi was forced to leave the WWE in 2004 for failing to meet repeated requests to lose weight. He returned to the WWE in 2012.

Was Rikishi on WWE or WWF?

he was on both

Did Rikishi from WWE die?

Rikishi DID NOT die. He currently wrestles in Japan.

Where is the WWE superstar Rikishi?

Rikishi is currently retired from wrestling and residing in Poinciana, Florida.

How did rikishi die on WWE?

The WWE wrestler died from a heart attack

When is Rikishi joining WWE?

WELL 2 my understanding rikishi is like test....gone and he's of the past, he's not coming back to WWE, he hasn't been apart of that kind of entertainment in awhile...

Which WWE wrestler did the move sticky face?

The Rock's cousin Rikishi