What it Chad's real name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Chad's real name is Corbin Bleau (not sure of spelling)

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Q: What it Chad's real name?
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What is chads last name of high school musical 2?

name in high school musical is chad danforth and in real life it is corbin bleu

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John Cornell Chads was born in 1793.

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What is chads real name from hsm3?

chad=corbin bleu troy=zac efron Gabriella=vannessa hudgens sharpay=Ashley tisdale Ryan=lucas grabeel Taylor=Monique Coleman

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The Hollywood Blacklist was a list of Chads gulity of being Communist Chads

What is Chads Last name in High School Musical 2?

Chad's last name in High School Musical 2 is Danforth.

What is Chads capital?


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Chad Henry was born on 1946-10-09.

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