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What is hair color because I want but somethin to you and vanessa and what is vaessan hair color I want to but her something too and how long you and vanesse have be date because in High School Muscial2 you be mane to vaesse and to your friends when you yell to friends don't do that
He was blond as a toddler but darkened to brown as he grew up.
im not sure but i have this pic of him in jr high and he was a bleach blond!!!

As an infant, his hair was blonde; it darkened as he grew older. He now describes his own hair as "brown." As a teen, he once tipped his hair silver.
it's like a light brown, alittle dark brown on back
it's like a light brown, alittle dark brown on back

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Q: What is zac efron's natural hair color?
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