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MR Ray's song goes... "Oh, let's name the species, the species, the species

Let's name the species that live in the sea

There's porifera, coelenterata, hydrozoa, scyphozoa, anthozoa, ctenophora,bryozoas, three! Gastropoda, arthropoda, echinoderma, and some fish like you and me. Come on, sing with me. Oh...! This is phylogenetically incorrecte because MR Ray alternates between naming phyla and classes of various ocean going critters, but skips most phyla inbetween, in lieu of having them fit a cute rhyme for the movie. Further, the terms coelenterata and echinoderma are outdated, specifically because coelenterata encompasses both cnidaria (jellyfish) and ctenophora (comb-jellies) while echinoderma is technically referred to as echinodermata instead. MR Ray does a great job, but forgots to mention the other 18 fun phyla in his song (23 total), if not completely, rather because the others didn't fit his rhyme scheme.

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Q: What is wrong with MR Ray's Let's Name the Species song?
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