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They were seals.

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Q: What is written on the bodies in the haunting in Connecticut?
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What is the duration of The Haunting in Connecticut?

The duration of The Haunting in Connecticut is 1.53 hours.

When was The Haunting in Connecticut created?

The Haunting in Connecticut was created on 2009-03-27.

Who played the hot dude in a haunting in Connecticut?

The main male actor in The Haunting in Connecticut is Kyle Gallner.

What is the piano music playing in the opening of Haunting in Connecticut?

The name of the piece is The Haunting in Connecticut: Open Titles you can buy it on iTunes

In A Haunting in Connecticut does the evil spirit overtake the body of the boy?

In the Discovery Channel documentary A Haunting in Connecticut, the evil spirit does possess the boy (Matt), which leads him to attack his cousin.** SPOILER WARNING FOR THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT**In the film The Haunting in Connecticut, the spirit of the clairvoyant boy Jonah possesses Matt Campbell's body, but Jonah was not an evil spirit.

Is haunting in Connecticut good?

its my favorite movie

The house in haunting in Connecticut still there?


What is Haunting in Connecticut rated?

Yes its pg13

Where is the house located from the haunting in Connecticut?

208 meriden avenue, southington, connecticut :)

When did a haunting in Connecticut come out on DVD?

The documentary "A Haunting in Connecticut" was released on DVD in 2008. *Not to be confused with the major motion picture "The Haunting in Connecticut" which was released to DVD on July 14, 2009.

What is The Haunting in Connecticut based on?

The Haunting in Connecticut is (loosely) based on the purportedly true story of a family whose eldest son fell ill with cancer, causing them to move to a house in Connecticut that had at one point been a mortuary. There is a documentary by Discovery Channel called A Haunting in Connecticut that chronicles the story from the actual family's perspective.

Who plays Matt on The Haunting in Connecticut?

Kyle Gallner