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rich and famous = riche et célèbre

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Q: What is word for rich and famous in french?
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What is the french work for famous?

safe to assume you meant "word" and not "work"? célèbre the french for ' work for famous'= travaux de célèbres the french word for 'famous'= célèbres

Who are the DuPonts?

One of the DuPont's are Aurelie DuPont a famous French Ballerina. The DuPont's are a rich french family. Their are not much to learn of them.

Is femme fame in french?

'femme' is a French word meaning 'woman.' 'Famous' in french is 'célèbre' or 'fameux'.

What is the French word for opposite of poor?

Riche....meaning the same as rich in English.

What language does the word parfait originate from?

The word "parfait" originates from the French language. "Parfait" means "perfect" in French, and the dessert was named as such to reflect its rich and delicious composition.

Would you rather be rich or famous?

i would rather be famous than be rich because when your famous your rich (Aissata Toure

How do you spell rich in french?

"Rich" in French is spelled "riche."

Can you put the word biologist in a sentence?

Louis Pasteur was a famous French biologist.

Can you be famous and rich as thirdteen?

A person can be rich and famous at the age of thirteen. They can either be born into a rich and famous family or they can do something that makes them famous. People like Justin Bieber became rich and famous at a young age because of their talents.

Was Sacagawea rich or poor?

He's not rich or poor he's famous!

What is the french word for a 'print' as in a print of a famous painting we might have on a wall of our house?


Did Albert Einstein become famous or rich for his research?

He became both famous and rich.