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Wisin y Yandel's best song is "gracias a ti"

is a really romatic song that everybody loves!

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Q: What is wisin y yandel's best song?
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What is yandels favorite sport wisin y yandel?


What is Wisin y yandels life story?


When is wisin y yandels birthday?

Wisin: December 19, 1978 Yandel: January 14, 1977

What are Wisin y Yandels kids names?

yelena ,Dylan, are wisins kids n yandels kids are Adrian and derrick

Wisin y yandels real cell phone number?

We do not give out real celebrity personal information on WikiAnswers.

What color is wisin y yandels eyes?

they are mostly light brown there been some cases that he had blue eyes but mostly they are contacts.

What are wisin y yandel first song?

Pegate By Wisin y Yandel

What does wisin y yandel me estas tentando mean in English?

Wisin y yandel "me estas tentado" is a song. Wisin and Yandel are the artists, and the title of the song in English is "I am tempted". Wisin and Yandel is a Puerto Rican duo and this song was their first single from the album "Wisin y Yandel presentan: la Mente Maestra".

Who is the best Reggaeton singer?

wisin y yandel

What does the song Estoy Enamorado by Wisin y Yandel?

It Means I'm In Love

How old ols is the song you te quiero by wisin y yandel?


Is Rakata a Puerto Rican song?

yes theres one by Wisin y Yandel