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i sold one in fair condition, model 1840 dated 1845 np ames sabre one ebay for 1700 two years ago. only 600 where made. collectors eat them up.

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Q: What is value of sword np ames cabotville 1845 us jh?
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What is the value of my 1845 ames pistol?

You need a professional appraisal or an auction house.

What is the value of a sword made in 1846 by NP Ames?

Nathan P, Ames produced over 200,000 swords, cutlass, sabers, NCO, light artillery, heavy artillery, musicians and possibly other bladed materials. Post 1847 blades are marked as Ames Mfg. and some also indicate Springfield, Cabotville, Chicoppee Mass.The Company produced on contract for the US Army. Lower production figures generally fetch higher prices, and models that had a short life and or unusual markings are valued by collectors. Normal wear and tear will reduce the value. Any attempt at restoration will greatly reduce the value, an incomplete or replacement scabbard ring will result in a 25% mark down. Missing the scabbard and the value is cut by 33%.As with most collectibles the value is enhanced if a history is available.The value is greatly enhanced if a notable or noteworthy history is available.The value is increased if it is like new.All things considered the value for such a collectible will range $250 to $1,500. It is quite unlikely that it is marked:US Navy.USMC.USAF.USCG.Ames did not produce blades for presentation.Ames did not produce blades for officers.Ames made tools for the prosecution of war against an armed enemy.If the blade has never been honed, it is probably a reproduction and has no value.If what you have looks like it is new and just came from the factory, then it probably did.

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