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They brought their wonderful talents to be appreciated by young teenagers (now, they are grandparents). At that time, they were the greatest, now, our generation (the current teens) don't care for them as much.

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Q: What is the value of Beatles album coming to America?
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What is the value of the pictures in a beatles album SEBX-11841 and -21841 and -31841?

10 or 20 us dollars

What is the value of the album The Beatles featuring Tony Sheridan?

If you have a copy of the original album where the Beatles were credited as the "Beat Brothers", it may have value. Everything after that would be reprints and worth nothing. A mint condition copy of the Beatles' "Ain't She Sweet" b/w "Nobody's Child" (with Tony Sheridan), released on the Atco label, might bring you a few bucks.

How much is a beatles white album mint condition worth?

The value of the White Album by The Beatles in mint condition appears to be roughly $30.00. Since this album sold over 20 million copies, it is not a rare find. The album was released on November 22, 1968.

How much is an original master recording MFSL Pressing of the Beatles White Album worth?

The album is worth a price close to $40 each. The value of the album will varying depending upon its condition.

What is the value of the Early Beatles album with a Meet the Beatles back cover on the Apple label?

If its in perfect condition, it could be up to $250. I have one that is superb, and that's what it's worth. Like ILL ever sell it thouh

What is the value of The Beatles' The Beatles at the Hollywood bowl by emirecords?

In the US, in Near Mint condition, you could probably fetch somewhere between $25 and $50 via eBay or a person-to-person sale, selling the album to a record shop, expect around 60% of that.

What is the value of an item signed by all 4 Beatles?

An autographed photograph of the Beatles recently sold for £3000 ($6000) on Ebay. However, that had a good providence (the owner was given the photograph by the Beatles press officer in 1964). A lot of Beatles signatures were actually done by the roadies (Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall). If you can prove the authenticity of the signatures then that will maximise the value.

What is the value of introducing the beatles?


What official studio album from the beatles is i want to hold your hand on?

NONE! It was a single and as most people know, many Beatles singles were not included on albums. In February 1988, Past Masters Volumes 1 and 2 were released which included all the "A" and "B" sides of all singles never previously released on an album. These two albums also included a few different versions of songs that had been previously released on albums. Good value for Beatles fans.

Where can you get album collection values?

Where can I get the value of an album collection

When was Shock Value - Timbaland album - created?

Shock Value - Timbaland album - was created in 2006.

When was Absolute Value - album - created?

Absolute Value - album - was created on 2008-02-19.