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one of them is Bodyrox feat. Luciana - What planet you on

the rest of the songs i found are

DONT BE AFRAID by keston something

Dead in Love off desert sessions album

Outtathaway - the vines

Ride - the vines

Lesbian Roadkill - tantric dwarf

Dew Climbs

Monster Hospital

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Q: What is the two songs in the new tormented trailer?
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What are the songs in the trailer The Darjeeling Limited?

There are different songs in the trailer by the Kinks. The one that goes "We are not two we are one" is "Strangers" by the Kinks, and the one the goes "This Time Tomorrow, what will we be?" is "This Time Tomorrow" by the Kinks.

What is the trailer song from the movie Never Back Down?

well there is two trailers with two songs 1 trailer uses "Headstrong" by Trapt and the 2nd uses "called to be loved" by Papa Roach

What is the song played in the Dare movie trailer?

Well there were like 4 different songs in the trailer..So you have to be more specific.. Sorry ~Hj21 as far as i can tell, these are two of the songs from the trailer. i never know- something for rockets all ok - something for rockets

What is the music used in the the musketeer trailer?

There were two songs, Plunkett & Macleane by Craig Armstrong and Gothic Vocalise by Non-Stop Music

What is the song on pbss web trailer before the shows release for carrier?

The first two clips are Road To Nowhere by The Talking Heads. The problem is that there are several other songs that pop up in the frame of the trailer.

How many songs does Evanescence have?

Evanescence as sixty-two songs, not counting all of the songs for the new album.

What are the names of the two background songs in the trailer for the new movie The Fighter 2010?

I know that one of them is Run This Town by: Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Kayne West, but I'm not sure of another since I never heard another.

What music is used in got to dance trailer?

there are two songs.... one of them is So What by P!nk nd the other i dont

What is the song from the beautiful creatures trailer?

Apparently there are two (depending on which trailer you're watching). "Seven Devils" by Florence and the Machine and "Black" by Kari Kimmel. Both are great songs and totally fit the movie's theme.

On The Karate Kid trailer on Filmflex New Releases on Virgin Media there are two songs one is the Foo Fighters Times Like These what is the other?

I'm ashamed to have not used Shazam previously to answer this however have just found out its Big Machine by the Goo Goo Dolls.

What is the song called out of Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer?

It's Kissing You by Des'ree- off from the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack Sorry to say but after research of my own I found that it's not the song listed above. I do like the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack though. There are two songs in the new teaser trailer of Breaking Dawn... Love and Loss- Two Steps from Hell Infinite Legends- Two Steps from Hell This also happens to be the same performer of the same type of music in the trailer for the previous film! Good luck and mp32video is a good website to get youtube stuff :)

How many syllables does trailer have?

The word trailer has two syllables.