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sadly its rated TV-PG now it used to be TV-14 back in the good old days

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Q: What is the tv rating for WWE?
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What are the ratings and certificates for WWE Unforgiven - 2005 TV?

WWE Unforgiven - 2005 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M (TV rating) Australia:MA (original rating)

What is the rating for WWE?

sadly its rated TV-PG now it used to be TV-14 back in the good old days

How do you know if WWE will go tv 14 again?

Most likely never, John Cena has nothing to do with the TV rating of PG

Why Did The WWE's TV Rating Turn Into TV-PG?

The stupid FCC made them do it or they can't run anymore Blame the FCC everybody. any more questions email me @ i will e glad to answer all types of WWE questions.

How old before kids can watch WWE RAW?

Since 2008, all WWE programs ( including those aired on Pay-Per-View ), are rated TV-PG ( they were previously rated TV-14, but the rating was changed to attract more of a family audience and more lucrative TV sponsors ).

What channal is WWE Superstars?

WWE Superstars is not on TV, it is aired on the official WWE website.

Where can you watch WWE hall of fame ceremony?

Tv and WWE

Who is the WWE television champion?

WWE Television Championship hasn't been in use for years.

Does wade barrett have a WWE contract?

He wouldn't be on WWE television if he didn't.

What channel is WWE raw on charter tv?

wwe raw is now usa

Will WWE become TV- 14 again?

Not for a while WWE is now going to the pg era which may last for about 5-6 years.

What is the rating of prison break?

The series has a TV-14 rating.