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A: The song by Mark Isham is called "Sense of Touch" and is sung by Carol Ensley the lyrics are from an old Welsh song called "Lisa Lan." Here is the translation

Lisa Lân---------------------------------Melody

1. Bûm yn dy garu lawer gwaith

Do lawer awr mewn mwynder maith

Bum yn dy gusanu Lisa gêl

Yr oedd dy gwmni'n well na'r mêl.

2. Fy nghangen lân, fy nghowlad glyd

Tydi yw'r lanaf yn y byd

Tydi sy'n peri poen a chri

A thi sy'n dwyn fy mywyd i.

3. Pan fyddwy'n rhodio gyda'r dydd

Fy nghalon fach sy'n mynd yn brudd

Wrth glywed swn yr adar mân

Daw hiraeth mawr am Lisa Lân.

4. Pan fyddwy'n rhodio gyda'r hwyr

Fy nghalon fach a dôdd fel cwyr

Wrth glywed swn yr adar mân

Daw hiraeth mawr am Lisa lân.

5. Lisa, a ddoi di I'm danfon i

I roi fy ngorff mewn daear ddu?

Gobeithio ddoi di, f'annwyl ffrind

Hyd lan y bedd, lle'r wyf yn mynd.

1. Full many a time I came to woo,

Oft, Lisa came a courting you;

I kissed your lips when we did meet,

No honey every was so sweet.

2. My dainty branch, my only dear,

No woman comes your beauty near;

'Tis you who with my passion play,

'Tis you who steals my life away.

3. When'er at eve I walk apart,

Like wax will melt my lovesick heart;

And but to hear the small birds sing,

The longing to my soul will bring.

4. Ah, will you come to bid good-bye,

When in the earth my form must lie?

I hope you too will there be found,

When men shall lay me in the ground.

(thanks to Brendan , Canada ) add more info

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Q: What is the translation for the song Sense of Touch from the move Crash?
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