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Q: What is the total box office for Kevin costner movies?
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Who has done more movies Samuel L. Jackson or Kevin Bacon?

As of December 2010, Samuel L. Jackson has had had actingroles in nearly 100 movies, including movies made for TV. Kevin Bacon has had acting roles in 63 movies, including movies made for TV. This is assuming by "done" you mean acting roles. The figures do not count credits for providing voice, directing, producing, etc. If you total both actors' credits, Samuel L. Jackson still has more credits for movies than Kevin Bacon.

Is there 5 movies total of twilight?


What baseball movies has Kevin Costner been in?

Four (4) - If you go by him playing a role within the military.

How many movies has Will Smith been in?

Will Smith has ( I think ) been in 65 movies/films.

How many movies has James Cagney been in?

73 movies total. This does not include TV appearances.

Georges Méliès made how many movies?

George Melies made 500 movies in total

How many Twilight movies are there together?

Four:TwilightNew MoonEclispeBreaking Dawn

What movies has Colin Farrell directed?

Colin Farrell has never directed his own movie. He has however acted in several box office hits including Horrible Bosses, Total Recall, Phone Booth, and SWAT.

How many movies did ava gardner do?

62 total.

What movies have the word total in their title?

Total Recall (1990), Total Eclipse (1995), Total Destruction (2002), Total Western (2000)...

Have any movies like taboo 1?

Yes, there have been other movies like Taboo 1. There were a total of 23 movies in the Taboo series. These movies were released from 1980 to 2007.

How many dragon heart movies have been made?

A total of 13 dragon heart movies have been made.