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it was in the 1435 and 6789 so

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Q: What is the time period of silent films?
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What silent film made silent films popular?

Really, all of the early ones. Silent films were the only films available for a long time. The new media of film fascinated many people when it was first introduced.

What are the release dates for Silent Films - 2008?

Silent Films - 2008 was released on: USA: 2008

Where were the first silent films made?

In a silent room

Did silent color films come after black and white silent films?

Black & White came first. There are a few films where the frames were hand-colored.

When was silent film invented?

The silent films were invented in the 1915's.

Who was the vampire in silent films?


Are Silent Films Ancient?


How is the role of music in today's films different from the use of music in silent films?

In silent films, there was no sound, so the cinema had a piano or organ player playing live in the cinema.

Is Alfred Hitchcock a silent movie actor?

No, Hitchcock made non-speaking cameos in many of his films but was never an actor in silent films.

Was there a fire that destroyed many silent films?

Yes, there were actually many fires that destroyed many silent films. In the early age of films, the projectors were subject to extreme heat and often caught on fire and damaged the films.

Where were most silent films filmed?


What silent films was Charlie Chaplin in?

The Tramp