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Theme from MASH david wolf from New Orleans/cleveland

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Q: What is the theme song for the new Liberty Mutual commercial It is an old TV theme song?
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Who is the girl in the liberty mutual commercial?

human league sings the song

Is Tracy Chapman the singer on the liberty mutual commercial?

The song is Amen Omen by Ben Harper.

What song is on the Liberty Mutual commercial that starts with what started as?

It's called "Amen Omen" by Ben Harper.

What is the name of the song in the Liberty Mutual Ireland commercial?

It's not Half Acre. It's a piano solo by Ian Smyth

What song is palying during texting and driving commercial sponsored by Oprah and liberty mutual?

OMG (oh my gosh), by usher featuring will i am

Does Cat Stevens sing a Liberty Mutual commercial?

The song is actually "AMEN OMEN" by Ben Harper...check out You tube, Liberty Mutual Video titled " Doing the right thing" yes this does sound like Cat Stevens... to me..... also

What is the song on the liberty mutual tv commercial?

The artist is Hem, the name of the song is Half Acre.

What is the song on liberty mutual commercials for 2012?

The one that has started running recently (it starts with a tree falling on a neighbor's car) is the instrumental theme song from the 70s TV show "The Odd Couple"

What is the Jeep Liberty Theme Song?

I don't know for sure but the 2008 Jeep Liberty uses Andy Kim's "Rock Me Gently" in it's latest commercial. Check it out on YouTube.

What is the theme song of the kids' show The Liberty Kids?

The Liberty Kids' theme song is Through My Own Eyes, written by Aaron Carter.

What is the theme song from the zales commercial?

Original theme song is Palladio by Karl Jenkins

What is the theme song in the Bacardi's commercial?

Drop the lime.