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The story deals with the themes of duty and devotion, selfless love, sacrifice, motherly affection and familial responsibility. Duty and devotion is said to be the central theme of the short story. The narrator visits Ireland out of his duty and devotion. In the same way, Rose also displays her sense of duty when she shoulders the burden of the family at such an young age. Her devotion to her family members, especially to Michael, is best revealed when she sacrifices her own life for the sake of Michael.

The themes of selfless love and sacrifice are also seen all throughout the story. Rose loves all her family members whereas her motherly affection towards rose is deep rooted. She even pawns the birthday gift given by the author to buy milk for Michael. When Michael is down with pneumonia she nurses him day and night, heedless of the danger to herself. As the author himself points out Rose is a little perfect mother and it is her fathomless love towards Michael that prompts her to sacrifice her own life for him.

by Anish Thomas

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Q: What is the theme of The Irish rose by aj cronin?
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two gentil man of verona and an irish rose are the two heart touching stories written by A.J Cronin. in an irish rose ,rose play the central characters of the story .she sacrifices her life by looking after her baby brother who Jacopo and Nicola two brother aged 12 and 13 who.

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Both stories of A J Cronin are heart touching. In "Irish Rose " he tells about a small girl sacrificed her life for her little brother who lost his mother when he was only one month. The main character is a 14 year old girl. In "Two Gentleman of Verona" he tells the story of two brothers sacrificing their life for sister who suffering from TB of spine.

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