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Largo, larghetto, adagio, andante, allegretto, allegro, presto.

There are more, but these are the main ones.

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Q: What is the tempo order from slowest to fastest?
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Is vivace the slowest tempo?

No vivace is the fastest tempo (Faster than my internet)

Which Tempo markings are in order from fastest to slowest?

Largo- very slow Adagio- slow Andante- walking tempo Moderato- moderate Allegro- fast Presto- very fast

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What are some characteristics of classical music tempo?

There are a lot of tempos. The slowest would be something like largo and the fastest would probably be pressestissimo.

What is how fast or slow you play on the violin?

I foy mean the musical term for speed, it is Tempo, or for more specific speeds it is:(slowest to fastest)LargoAdagioAllegrettoModeratoAllegroVivacePrestoPrestisimo

What is the slowest musical tempo?


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rate of absorption from fastest to slowest

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