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it is called a Train.

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Q: What is the tail of a wedding dress called?
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What is the tail of the wedding dress called?

The tail of the wedding dress is called a "train".(You're welcome!)

Should it be called the wedding dress or the wedding gown?

Either works

A Moroccan wedding dress is called?


Is wedding dress tail necessary?

It is not necessary to have a tail in the wedding dress. Wedding dresses can be with train or without as you like. If you are going to get married at the beach or in a garden, a tea length gown is good option. If you'll have your wedding ceremony in a church or a grand hall, a gown with train would be more suitable for the theme. Someone like dresses with train while others don't. So, it depends on one's own like and the formality and the occasion where the ceremony is held. If you have no idea how a wedding dress with tail looks like, you can take a look at where are different kinds of dresses with trains.

What is the bottom bit to a wedding dress called?

The hem

What are wedding dress notes for the piano?

wedding dress

Who sang wedding dress?

Taeyang - Wedding Dress

What color is Bella's wedding dress?

she wearing a white wedding dress during her wedding

In harvest moon tree of tranquility do you have to make a wedding dress for the wedding?

no. when you have the wedding you will already have the wedding dress on though.

How do you dress for a wedding if you are not in the wedding pictures?

I will dress like when i am in the wedding picture. I think dress nice shows respect to the new couple.

How do you get a wedding dress on mysims wii?

u cant get a wedding dress

What do wedding dress designers do?

Wedding Dress Designers spend the majority of their time designing wedding dresses.