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Q: What is the symbol for a carpool lane?
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The symbol used to mark a carpool lane is a?


What does a white diamond shaped symbol on the road mean?

carpool lane

What is a sentence for carpool?

The employees that get picked up in a carpool drive in the carpool lane.

What are the rules for driving in the diamond lane in California?

A carpool lane is a special freeway lane only for buses and/or carpools. You may use a carpool lane or onramp if your vehicle carries the minimum number of people required for the carpool lane or you drive a low-emission vehicle displaying a special DMV-issued decal. Motorcycle riders may use designated carpool lanes, unless otherwise posted. Signs at the onramp or along the freeway tell you the minimum number of people required for the carpool and the hours the carpool requirement applies. The pavement in this lane is marked with a diamond symbol (◊) and the words "Carpool Lane." These lanes are also known as high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. Do not cross over double parallel solid lines to enter or exit any carpool lane except at designated entry or exit places. Vehicles towing trailers are typically not allowed to use carpool lanes because they must drive more slowly and are usually restricted to the right-hand lane.

Can you use carpool lane while pregnant?

If you are carpooling. If you are asking if a fetus qualifies a solitary woman to use the carpool lane, then no.

Can I drive in the carpool lane in CA on a holiday?


What do carpool lanes do?

A carpool lane allows people who have more than 2 people in the car to be able to use that lane to go through traffic easier.

Can you ride in a carpool lane with a baby?

Yes, children of all ages count as passengers/carpool buddy.

Is the far left lane still the fast lane if it is the carpool lane?

,no, this lane is available for multiple person in one vehicle

Is it legal for motorcycles to drive in carpool lane?


Carpool lane ticket is moving violation?


When can you drive in a carpool lane by your self?

all the time