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D UX D UX DX and then start over again. X is palm mute.

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I think it's D U D U U U D.

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D du udu

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Q: What is the strumming pattern on guitar for How To Love by Lil Wayne?
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What is the Strumming pattern of secret love song?

Verse: DUXUD (switch) DUXUD (switch) DUXUDUUXUDU Chorus: DXDXDXDX There you go, good luck!

What is the strum pattern for all you need is love?

Verse Down-Up, triplets, so accent every three, which makes it rotate between up and down strokes, DUD-UDU-DUD-UDU- for verse, Chorus is DDU

What is the strumming of my love by westlife?

D U...D u D u D

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If you mean the song How to Love by Lil' Wayne its already out

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