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The orb - Little fluffy clouds. Awesome! Peace!

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Q: What is the song with the rooster crowing in the very beginning?
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Will a rooster stop crowing in hot weather?

Unless it's exceptionally hot, and/or the rooster is not used to heat, a rooster will usually not stop crowing, though his crowing may very well decline in the hottest hours of the day.

What if rooster does not crow what could be wrong?

The rooster could be ill, it could be the wrong season ( crowing is part of setting up territories and calling females into his group, if it is not breeding season his male hormones will drop and he will have no desire to crow) Or He could be a beta rooster - if there is more than one rooster on the property at least one will always be alpha doing most of the crowing, others down the pecking order may just stay quiet, accepting that they are not at the top of the pecking order.

What if you have a rooster and ahen together and the hen still crows?

Then the hen is probably a rooster. He may simply be a young rooster though, that still looks hen-ish. The chance that you have a crowing hen is not very high.

How do you get peacocks to stop crowing?

You can't stop 'em from crowing, but you can muffle the noise (between certain hours) by keeping them inside your house (in cages!) or in a sound-boarded chicken house. Location of the roost is also important, as sound will bounce off certain structures and even seem to amplify. Light is the main reason a rooster will crow after going to roost at night. If any light is getting in the coop he will not settle well. Make sure the inside of the coop is dark once the sun goes down.

How does a rooster respond to a traumatic event?

Well a rooster will respond to a traumatic event in a very similar fashion as a person. First the rooster will go into shock. Next the rooster will try to drown his emotions in a pitcher of beer. If this doesn't work immediately the rooster will continue until he is a full blown alcoholic. This will lead to him not crowing effectively. This will in turn lead to the farmer firing the rooster from his job and kicking him out of the hen house. Now broken, jobless, and homeless the rooster will go through a few rough years on the streets. Eventually the roster will check into rehab and get clean. He will then undergo an extremely dangerous operation to change his apperance. If you don't believe me just ask Sean Penn. He once was a rooster who went through a traumatic event, just one of the many success stories in rooster trauma history.

A neutered chicken?

A neutered rooster is a capon. it is a surgical procedure performed on the young rooster or cockerel when it reaches about 1 pound in weight. both testes are removed . the cockerel then never reaches sexual maturity ,he still has some features of being male, tail feathers and such. but no crowing and not aggressive. they take a bit longer to mature ,they put on more body fat and very tender muscle.

What is the song in the very beginning or Emperor's New Groove?

The Emperor's New Groove Opening Song is "Perfect World"

What is the name of the song in the very beginning of Girl Interrupted?

"Bookends" by Simon and Garfunkel

What song by Yanni has a helicopter noise in the beginning?

The Sphynx. Very powerful tune.

What song played at the beginning of Medium Season 5 Epidode 3 A Person of Interest?

Do u mean the very beginning song? It should be Viva La Vida from Coldpaly

What is the song at the very beginning of episode 901 at Friends series?

There's been dispute on what the song/artist was in the beginning of that episode. It was speculated that it was "TwentyFourSeven" by Artful Dodger, but it has not been fully confirmed.

What is the beginning song in psych a very Juliet episode?

Could be Steve perry - strung out