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Maps - Valium in the sunshine

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Q: What is the song when Justin and Austin kiss for the first time in Ugly Betty?
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What is austin's name from ugly betty?

Ryan McGinnis

Who plays Justin in Ugly Betty?

The role of Justin Suarez in the show "Ugly Betty" was played by Mark Indelicato. Mark was born in Philadelphia, PA and was in the show from 2006 until 2010.

Is ugly Betty awesome?

Yes Ugly Betty IS awesome! ** no ugly betty is ugly and bettyey

Who are the flat characters for ugly betty?

ugly betty= America ferera -sarben

When was Ugly Betty created?

Ugly Betty was created on 2006-09-28.

What is the first name of the former star of Ugly Betty?

aids killerbeverly

Who the real ugly Betty?

Ugly Betty's real name is America Ferrera.

How do you say ugly betty in french?

You can say : "Betty la moche" But it is also called "Ugly Betty" in France...

Who plays tyler in ugly Betty?

Austin is played by a guy called Ryan Mcginnis. Justine is played by Mark Indelicato.

From were was Justin beaber last girlfriend?

it was not selena gomez it was acttualy potty mouth betty she was ugly,fat,and 2 years old justin bieber was desperate thats why he dated her

How is Justin Bieber Born To Be?

Justin beiber is ugly ugly ugly cheryl Cole's proper fit Justin beiber is still ugly

When was Punch Out - Ugly Betty - created?

Punch Out - Ugly Betty - was created on 2007-04-19.