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there are many theories about this song:

  • they had a one night thing, and the girl killed herself
  • they had a one night thing, and the girl ran away
  • they had a one night thing, and the guy left her

those are just what i heard, but the great part of songs and their music is that you can interpret it however you want.

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Q: What is the song remembering Sunday by all time low about?
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What is the most depressing song of all time?

There is a song called "Gloomy Sunday" which became known as "the suicide song" and, if I remember right, was banned from the BBC at one point. Naturally, different music and lyrics will have a differing effects on individuals. It depends what you identify with them.

What is the song angry all the time about?

The song Angry All the Time, is about a wife is upset with her husband. She has resentment towards him. In the song, the husband is singing about how the wife is always angry and resentful. In the song he is letting her know that the issues in the relationship are not all because of him.

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What is the song played when Steve Harvey said this is the greatest love song of all time?

the fields of athenrey

Did all time low stole the song umbrella rihanna?

No, they did a COVER of it.

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Which album does the song remembering Sunday come from?

All Time Low's "Remembering Sunday" is from their 2007 album So Wrong, It's Right.

What are some song titles containing the word Sunday?

Remembering Sunday by: All Time Low Sunday Morning by: No Doubt Sunday, Bloody Sunday by: U2 those are just some off the top of my head

Who is featured in Remembering Sunday by All Time Low?

Juliet Simms from Automatic Loveletter.

Why did all time low use part of flyleaf's video in remembering Sunday?

All Time Low doesn't have a music video for Remembering Sunday. If you're referring to the Devigne Productions music video (youtube: devigne) then I'm not sure.

Who is the lead singer for automatic loveletter?

her name is Juliet Simms and she also has sang in the song "Remembering Sunday" on All Time Low's album "So Wrong, It's Right".

Sad breakup songs?

Shattered by Trading Yesterday Remembering Sunday by All Time Low

Which all time low album features remembering Sunday?

So Wrong It's Right.

Who is the song remembering Sunday about?

It is about acknowledging the first day of the week. May we all keep it close to our hearts. You see, this day is not recognized often, so All Time Low dedicated a song to this very special day of the week. -L & H

What is the song Vegas by all time low about?

Alex said in an interview that Vegas and Remembering Sunday were about the same girl, and Remembering Sunday is about his on-again-off-again girlfriend Lisa, whom he met in high school. He proposed to her when they were younger, though she said no because she felt that they were too young. This is why at the end "I would have maried you in Vegas, had you given me the chance to say 'I do'" is repeated. (: This is such an amazing song by them, my favourite. (:

What is the meaning behind all time lows remembering Sunday?

It's about Alex's brother committing suicide :(

Who is the guy singing in the end of all time lows remembering Sunday?

you mean girl? Juilet Simms from automatic love letter

What is remembering Sunday by all time low about?

I think its about a girl Alex was about to marry but she killed herself. I'm not sure :/ But i googled it and yeah.... ;D