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I'm after that track id as well. Can't find it anywhere

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Q: What is the song on clubland tv advert when the dog is in the pool?
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Who sings the song in polo advert?

snoopy dog

Who sings the song i watch over you in the polo car advert?

The song is by Sniffy Dog and called "Whispers and stories"

What is the music on the REAL Radio advert with the dog?

Anastacia's Song: I'm outta love!

What song is it being played on the Five US advert for Numb3rs?

Hi The song is 'Love Dog' by a band called TV On The Radio Claire :-)

What is the advert with the dog and the blue teddy rabbit?

Thinkbox has the advert with the dog and the blue teddy rabbit.

What is the name of the song in vw polo advertisement with the singing dog?

Hi, I love this advert absolute genius!!!! The song is called I'm A Man by Spencer Davis Group...... Emma

What is the name of the song in the advert on channel four for slumdog millionaire?

It's by Florence and the Machine, it's called Dog Days Are Over or something like that!

What type of dog is in the bakers complete advert?

I assume you mean the dog from the Bakers dog food advert; if so, I think it is a bearded collie.

What breed of dog in the dfs comfy dog advert?


What dog is on the KFC advert 2012?

Beagle puppy

What dog is in the fifa11 advert?

it looks like a cane corso,

What sort of dog is the dog from the real radio advert?

A beagle or a red blood hound !! :D