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Fionn Regan - Dogwood Blossom


Ken Booth - Everything I own.

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Ken Boothe - Everything
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Q: What is the song in the final scene of episode 3 this is England 88?
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What was the song played in the warehouse scene on final episode of Common Law?

all i need by Awolnation

What is the song playing at the final scene of prison break's last episode ever?

Lay it down by Spirtualized

What song of Cee lo green was used on Breaking Bad tv show?

Cee Lo Green's cover of the song Who's Gonna Save My Soul played in the final scene of the final episode of the first season.

Who sings the final song in the final episode of The Shield?

hi, the song is called, == Thanks, Neil uk!!

What song did James blunt sing on final episode of Las Vegas?

what song did James Blunt sing on the final episode of Las Vegas?

What is the name of the Willie Nelson song playing at the end of the May 21 episode of southland?

The song is "What Was It You Wanted." It was originally done by Bob Dylan. This is a cover and is available in iTunes by that title. Awesome final scene of Southland, huh?

What is the song in the first scene for Life of Ryan episode 7?

Haha I can't name the specific song, but You can on down to and check out the episode's songs.

What opera song was playing during the final scene of First Date episode twenty in season five of Frasier?

Tosca, "Vissi d'arte, Vissi d'amore" sung by Mirella Freni

Is the final episode of asking Alexandria a satanic song?

nope, the song is just about the dangers of ignorance.

What Phineas and ferb episode has the song mysterious force?

None. Its a deleted scene from the movie.

Supernatural song in season 1 heart?

It depends what scene you're referring to. The love scene with Sam and Madison is the song Look At You by Screaming Trees. The song at the end of the episode is Silent Lucidity by Queensryche. :)

What is the song from the Good Wife season 2 episode 6?

Is it the song from the end? In the party scene? If it is... It's O.N.E by Yeasayer.