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"I'm Shipping up to Boston" by Flogging Molly

ACTUALLY ... the version on that sound track seems to be from the "Dropkick Murphy's"

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Q: What is the song in the departed about a sailor called?
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What is the first track on The Departed soundtrack CD?

The first track on the The Departed soundtrack CD is Comfortably Numb by Rogers Waters featuring Van Morrison and The Band. The second song is Sail on Sailor by the Beach Boys.

Which John Lennon song is featured in The Departed?

Well Well Well featured in 2006 film the departed.

When was The Sailor Song created?

The Sailor's Song was created on 1958-11-09.

What is a song sung at a burial?

The name for a funerary song is a elegy. The song is usually either picked by the departed or someone close to the departed.

What is the duration of The Sailor's Song?

The duration of The Sailor's Song is 2.1 hours.

What sailor song is Dan paladin's Tricky's Song based off of?

Sailor's Hornpipe

What is lita's song called in sailor moon abridged?

Church of Hot Addiction. YOu can check on the info.

When was Sailor Neptune created?

Sailor Song was created in 1992.

Who sang the song sailor in German?

'Discussion of Lolita' / Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea)

What is the Irish song from the departed?

the song isI'M SHIPPING UP TO BOSTON by Dropkick Murphys. Epic Song.

What a soldier in the navy called?

Sailor and they are still called sailor's today.

What is a sailor called in 18th century?

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