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Its Black betty by Ram Jam

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Q: What is the song in rayman legends castle rock?
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How do you create a song on Guitar Hero 3 legends of rock?

You Cant

What Avenged Sevenfold song is in guitar hero legend of rock?

There is no Avenged Sevenfold song in Legends of Rock but in the new one Warriors of Rock there is and that is Bat Country

What is the shortest song on Guitar Hero 3 legends of rock?

The Metal by Tenacious D.

Which band did the Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc Opening song and what is the song called?

Groove Armada - "Madder"

Is there really a immposeble song in Guitar Hero 3 legends of rock?

In literal terms, no. There is a song entitled Through The Fire And Flames which, when played on Expert difficulty, is extremely difficult. Besides this, all of the songs on Guitar Hero 3 : Legends of Rock can be completed if the player has enough skill. Hope this helps.

What is the hardest gutar solo ever?

the first solo in the song before i forget by slipknot in guitar hero legends of rock.

What is the name of the song that plays when you battle Lou in guitar hero legends of rock?

The Devil Went Down To Georgia: by Charlie Daniels Band

Is the halo theme song on Guitar Hero?

Yes, but I'm afraid that it is only available on guitar hero III legends of rock on the Xbox 360 marketplace.

What is that song by skeliton in brutal legends?

your dad

Is the song let it rock a rock song?


What is the name of the song in the youtube video Urban Legends Mike Song?

ProNails (remix)

In what commercial has Van Halen's song Right Now been used?

Right Now is a popular song by rock legends Van Halen. It won video of the year at the 1992 MTV Video Awards and was used in the commercial for Crystal Pepsi.