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Q: What is the song by Lil Wayne with a woman singing in the background?
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What is the Lil Wayne song with Halloween music and whistlin in the background?

i think you're talking about the song: Lil' Wayne ft. Notorious B.I.G.- Lost Boys, that's the only song i can think of with lil Wayne and Halloween music in the background.

What is the word for a song that only has the singing and not the background music?


What was the song in Waynes world when wayne first sees casandra-?

The song that was in Waynes World when Wayne first seem Cassandra was Eternal Flame.

In the song i hope you dance who is the guy singing in the background?

the sons of the desert

What is the background saying in the song 6'7 by lil Wayne?

One Banana

Who is the woman singing in the song Guilt by the band Nero?

This is Alana

Who is the girl singing chorus in Lil Wayne's something you forgot song?

The groups name is "HEART"Song title is what about love.

When Julia Roberts' character is in the hotel bathroom what song is she singing?

In Pretty Woman, she is singing "Kiss" by Prince.

What are some examples if apostrophe in songs?

"its the meaning that the song is about som1 who has left him and is singing a song for example No Love by lil wayne and eminem

Was edward singing in the background while he was bitting Bella in twilight?

Yes, Robert Pattinson's song "Let Me Sign" was playing in the background.

In Pretty Woman what song is Vivian singing in the bathtub?

Kiss by Prince.

Who is singing with Eminem on new single?

eminem is singing with nickelback,lil Wayne and 1 more.They're new song is called what if today was your last day