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Q: What is the song Copperline by James Taylor about?
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Which artist wrote the song Carolina In My Mind?

"Caroline in My Mind" is a song that was written and performed by James Taylor. The song was recorded in 1968 and released in 1969. The song was featured in James Taylor's debut album.

What song put James Taylor in the limelight?

He said "You've Got A Friend" is probably my very favorite song

Who was James Taylor's song sunny skies about?

a dog.

What is the song that says sailing ships on a Sunday afternoon possible James Taylor?

Long Ago and Far Away, James Taylor

Who sings the country classic song hello there?

James Taylor

How can one find out about James Taylor's handy man work?

The funny thing about this is that James Taylor did not actually sing this song at his concerts. He recorded the song in 1977 and it reached #4 on the Billboard charts.

What tv show was the song your smiling face by James Taylor the theme song?

Brady bunch

What James Taylor song had lyrics ducks in a row?

Sun on the Moon

What is James Taylor's favorite song?

He said "You've Got A Friend" is probably my very favorite song

What James Taylor song was written about his stay in a mental institution?

Fire And Rain

Did James Taylor cover the song 'Ain't no sunshine when shes gone'?


When was the song 'Sweet Baby James' first performed?

Sweet Baby James was first performed by James Taylor in 1970. The title track for the album helped James Taylor launch his career in the music industry.